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Writing and getting my thoughts on to paper is an important part of my reflective work. Its something I enjoy but it also helps me get my thoughts in order and brings perspective. 


Below are some of my recent blogs. Find me on The Positive Psychology People.

I add new blogs every month so come back soon...

Somatics  - The Art of Paying Attention to What Your Body Is Telling You

Last week I was having a drink with a friend when she commented how too much coffee made her anxious. Unfortunately for her, my favourite new bugbear is how often I hear natural body reactions being mis-interpreted or medicalised with a label such as ‘anxiety’… 

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Remembering to Uncurl: Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

The world moves so quickly. It’s not surprising that our minds and bodies can sometimes struggle to keep up.

 Evolution takes a long time. A really long time. We often forget because our brains are wonderfully plastic and constantly adapting but some parts still remember the stone ages like it was yesterday! 

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Keeping Positive When You Are Not Well

I had just given my first ever group coaching event looking at wellbeing and resilience in the workplace when I came down with a short illness. Nothing serious, a chest infection that dragged on, leaving me exhausted and aching. The usual activities that frame my day and keep me happy went by the wayside. The daily walking, connecting with others and meditation were beyond me and I soon felt the effects of the loss.

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How it feels When People Have Your Back 

Last week I drove all the way to Cornwall. Seven hours. Gold star for me. 

I can’t lie, I was chuffed. ‘This is what it’s like to be a grown up’ I thought and I’m 53 so it’s about time! 


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Starting A New Job In The Post-Covid Workplace

The company I work for went through a merger this month and I’ve been planted into a new role. In many ways it is very similar to my previous position but with any new organisation comes a new ways of doing things; new policies, new procedures and crucially a new culture. 


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Be Strange But Don’t Be A Stranger


Belonging has always been important to me, because I never quite felt I did. I have been a fish out of water much of my life which is why perhaps Alan Watts’ words resonated with me. 

They remind me that whenever I feel lesser than, not up to scratch, different; that this is who I am and that is OK.

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Reframing Change: Staying Resilient As Life Happens

This September my daughters left for their first term at university. They are twins so milestones arrive in duplicate. No dipping toes into changing family dynamics for me; it’s a head first dive into an empty nest situation, and it has churned up a lot of emotions. 



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Positive Menopause; Taming The Dragon

By the time you get to your 40s and 50s you think you have a pretty good handle on who you are, then along comes menopause and everything can get turned on its head. 

It is a time in life that often involves considerable external pressures so it may not be obvious that hormones are playing a part in how you feel. 

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What I’ve learnt about Motivation

It isn’t often we stop and rethink how we see the world. Our lens can be quite fixed, especially as we get a bit older. But lately I have come to see that what I thought about motivation and willpower was all wrong. 


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