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Tracy Bevan, Coaching Pyschologist
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Specialist in Transformative Positive Psychology in Cheshire

Do you want a life with more meaning and purpose?

A life that's more rewarding?

A life that's more satisfying?

A life that supports you to flourish at home and at work?

Let me guide you on your path to a BRIGHTER and BETTER future with
the transformative power of
Positive Psychology Coaching.

Find Hope And Joy Again 

Let me take you on the road to more self-belief, more confidence and greater resilience. Discover a life shaped by your strengths, equipped with the psychological tools to manage stress and overwhelm.


To really flourish, be more productive and experience a more satisfying life, we need to build on these feelings of positivity so we can create a rewarding life of positive wellbeing for ourselves, at home and at work.


To get there we need to understand the things that bring us joy, raise our self-awareness and respect our boundaries to help navigate life’s difficulties and reconnect with ourselves.


People light up when they talk about the things that inspire them. That's why, when we step into this flow of life, we feel energised, we find purpose and meaning.

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The Transformative Benefits of Positive Psychology Coaching

Busy lives, with so many calls on our attention, can leave us spread thinly. It feels there is no time left for us! But if we don’t give ourselves the care we need, we end the day feeling emotionally drained with little to offer ourselves or our families. 


Positive Psychology can help you find direction in life by gaining a deeper understanding of what truly brings you satisfaction. It is a process of becoming aware of our motivations and their effects on our thoughts and behaviours.


Working with me as your guide, we can use this self-knowledge to promote what is best in you, focusing on your strengths and building on what you can do.


It is about nurturing those intangible but essential feelings, like hope, self-belief and compassion, uncovering your unique talents and discovering what brings you joy.

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Tracy Bevan from Positive Thinking in Cheshire

Who is
Tracy Bevan?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Tracy, founder and owner of Positive Being Coaching. I am a Coaching Psychologist who uses Transformative Positive Psychology to support clients to thrive. I have a Masters in Psychology, a Level 5 Diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching Practice and I am a professional member of the Positive Psychology Guild and a graduate member of the British Psychology Society (Coaching Division).
For over 25 years I have supported people in managing life changes, most recently as a coach.
Important things to know about me; I’m originally from London but now enjoy a more relaxed life in Cheshire. My key strengths are curiosity, humour, connection, fairness, social intelligence and perspective all of which combine to make me a great coach!
Working with me as your guide you can start to uncover your own unique talents, learn more about yourself and the psychology of positivity and, importantly, be happier.

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What happens next?

I offer one to one coaching using Positive Psychology principles and interventions that support your wellbeing. Conversations explore topics like strengths, resilience, meaning, values, authenticity, managing emotions, self-compassion and motivation.

It starts with a free consultation call. This is important because you need to feel comfortable talking with me. I will ask you about the areas you want support with and discuss how coaching can help you with this. 

If you decide to take up coaching with me, I recommend a package of 6 sessions. This gives enough space to uncover blocks, understand where your strengths lie and put some of this new self-awareness into practice.

Sessions are one hour, generally online via Zoom. I have found that these are best held fortnightly to give enough time to process new perspectives and try out any tools, new behaviours or habits you want to work on.

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Holly, University Student

“The pit in my stomach has gone. I’m not worrying about what people think so much. I have a more balanced perspective. I’m not as stressed anymore."

Belinda, Client

"Tracy was instrumental in helping me think differently and remembering the skills and assets I had to offer for a leadership position. She made me realise what was holding me back and how to tackle it."

Jo, Client

“Understanding my strengths has changed the way I see things. It’s about realising who you are and that that is OK!”

Want to find out more?
Take the leap!
Book a free consultation call.

Tracy Bevan from Positive Being Coaching

Contact Me

Thank you for getting in touch. I will get back to you within two working days.

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